Sponsored by Al-Maliki and Abdul-Falah Al-Sudani serious details about: Dawa leaders and corrupt files in Britain!
Date: Sunday, 16-08-15 03:14 pm

British authorities arrested the Iraqi commercial attaché London senior Islamic Dawa party, Maliki called Vetri suite, for taking government aid from the circle unable to work for health since 20 years and rent assistance takes housing and other social benefits for the unemployed in Britain.
The crime was discovered at Heathrow Airport, after checking his passport, which he entered on behalf of Abd al-Hasan Masood, airport authorities have the same data, the birth of British passport when he was leaving and returning to the good name of Massoud, after a continuing investigation, told them no problem I'm in Iraq Abdul Hassan in Britain, and the first violation to me.
Statistics and data have emerged about Hasan Masood that unemployed British citizen takes on social assistance because it claims to be infected with the disease, acute depression, and receive rent and receive assistance in boarding card on buses, trains and other facilities provided to the patient.
Abdul Hasan Masood, is the Iraqi trade attache in London who buy a luxury house worth 7 million pounds in cash.
After an investigation showed he was a simple man Sheikh Universalis spins on the Councils of the Iraqi community in Britain per week and takes 50 pounds from all the reading Council.
Sample fugitive girlfriend of Iraqi justice Abdul Falah Sudani when he was Trade Minister in Chancellor trade despite having forged certificate, Vetri task or Abdul Hassan Masood to negotiate with companies to Commission given to fugitive Trade Minister Abdul Falah Sudani and proportion to Massoud.
After confessing to circumvent United Kingdom law and take financial aid does not deserve, the examining magistrate of North East London, two choose one of either 25 years imprisonment or pay all financial assistance from salaries and rent allowance and other commercial adviser appointed date three times.
Abdul Falah Sudani has to pay a fine of 100,000 and 1 million pounds and came out of the Court and Vetri went to engage in work as a commercial attaché in London, causing a major scandal for the diplomatic corps.
Masood was a senior campaign works to Nouri al-Maliki in Europe, now teamed up with Abdul Falah Sudani, hussien Baraka Al-Shami and Yaseen Majeed, Hanan Fatlawi and Shallah and judge Medhat Al Mahmood and Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Ahmed Al-Maliki carp and Yasser sakhil, Nuri al-Maliki's Cabinet after a weakening of the current Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, and force him to step down.