Terminal: reform package put political blocs in an embarrassing position for legislation important laws

Since 16/08/2015 09:28 pm (Baghdad time)

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MP for the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal, Saturday, the reforms package issued by the Prime Minister and the political blocs put in an embarrassing position and created harmony among themselves to work on laws and provide a rapid pace that can be provided to the Iraqi people legislation.

He said the terminal's / scales News / "The reforms package issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi created harmony between the political blocs to reach the best option and work hard to deliver what Parliament can be submitted to the Iraqi people," noting that "everyone became embarrassing and Mtabani on an action plan fast and steps both It was on the legislative and executive level and even at the judicial level. "

He explained that "there was disagreement on the Federal Court Act when things were a bit of slack now, the political parties have become Kvkvt on track to reformist level, whether in the political side, services and parliamentary."

Terminal and pointed out that "the Law of Treaties years old and has been holding its own legislation as well as the vote on the law of parties all of these things indicate reform tools and began to materialize and crystallize in the legislative center and will be applied fully in the executive center." It ended 29/4 e