Abadi's office accused "corrupt mafias" of blocking reforms and political blocs demanding unearthing and commitment to the Constitution

Author: BS, ZJ
Editor: BK, BS

08/16/2015 12:10

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Accused the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday, "mafias corruption" of seeking to derail the reforms, noting that the conditions are determined by the disclosed time, while counting the coalition of the wise that time are no longer allowed hinted requires explicit disclosure of who block reforms, he stressed Kurdistan Alliance that everyone is in favor of reforms, but they should not violate the Constitution or ignore the partnership upon which the political process.

Sabri: mafias corruption reforms hastily put sticks

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al-Hadithi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Prime Minister stressed on more than one occasion the existence of mafias of corruption is not in their interest to move ahead with reforms, and the fight against corruption and the development of scientific and legal standards for the management of the state system", expected to "seek the beneficiaries, which is keen to stay on the same conditions, to block reforms and put sticks in their way."

And it saw the newborn, that "the circumstances and see the Prime Minister, two of determine the right time for the detection of these authorities," although "the prime minister stressed repeatedly that the reforms do not target a specific destination, but the fight against the corrupt and the corrupt."

The coalition of the wise: Do not be explicitly disclosed opponents of reforms

For his part, the leader in the Supreme Council of the Islamic Bloc citizens, led by Ammar al-Hakim, that time is no longer appropriate for hints, "noting that the" Abadi revealed Markulai reforms, especially that he got the mandate "unprecedented" by the government and parliament.

Furat al-Tamimi said, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The head of government, should be explicitly disclosed Markulai reforms, if indeed they are, being who bears responsibility, and because time is no longer appropriate for the hints."

Tamimi said, that "the mandate he received al-Abadi, both from the Council of Ministers or the Parliament, an unprecedented not received by the previous governments," returned to "Abadi become in front of a historic responsibility, he had to prove being worthy of that responsibility by opening all files and Accounting negligent and corrupt. "

The leader of the coalition of the wise, that "citizen block was the first that had supported al-Abadi, and put the holdings of ministerial or parliamentary positions behaving, even before submitting his paper reform."

Kurdistan Alliance: reforms should not breach the Constitution and ignore Partnership

Meanwhile saw Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, that everyone supports the reforms, but they should not ignore the partnership upon which the political process.

Said Najiba Najib, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "everyone is in favor of the reforms, especially those related to the financial aspects", usually that "the administrative reforms must take into account the partnership upon which the political process."

Najib explained that the "non-application of a particular partnership is corruption," indicating that "the non-application of the partnership and the Constitution in the last session, especially in the security services, led to a deterioration of security."

It warned the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, of the consequences of "breach of reforms to the constitution," asserting that "the bulk of what the people want is services such as electricity, accounting minister, who proves his shortcomings."

The head of the Council of Ministers, was taken, Sunday, (the ninth of August now 2015), six reform decisions, represented the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister "immediately", and reduce the comprehensive and immediate in the number of protections for state officials, Dmenhm three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and Directors General and conservatives and members of the provincial councils and their grades, as the face of the removal of all senior positions from quotas partisan and sectarian, and the abolition of the special provisions for each presidencies bodies and state institutions and retirees of them, as well as guidance to open past and current files of corruption, under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption are formed from specialists and working principle (Where did you get this), and called on the judiciary to adopt a number of specialized judges well-known integrity fully to investigate and prosecute corrupt, and feminine ministries and agencies to increase efficiency in government work and reduce costs, while the Council of Ministers called for the approval of the decisions and call the House of Representatives to ratify to enable the Prime Minister of the reforms called for by the supreme religious authority and demanded by the citizens, and the Council of Ministers approved unanimously this reform package, on the same day.

Parliament has approved, in turn, by an absolute majority of those reforms, in, (the 11th of August now), and reinforced by other package included a 24 of his own paragraph, including the dismissal of the ministers of electricity and financial resources.
The whole motionless on the back of a large-scale rally began in (the 31st of July 2015), and then spread to the majority of provinces to protest against corruption and the deterioration of services, on top of electricity.

Supreme Shiite religious authority has lined up with the mass movement, and called on al-Abadi to "strike hard" on the "abusers" people's money, saying it has repeatedly called to the need for reforms and the fight against corruption, as called for on Friday (the 14th of August now), to purge the judiciary of corruption.