Economist: deletion of zeros from the currency will reduce the dollar traded in the local market

Special - scales News - He stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, Sunday, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar will reduce the US dollar traded in the local market, noting that Matrouh this project four years ago, and deferred to notice another.

He said Antoine L / scales News /, that "the project to delete the zeros Matrouh four years ago and was intended to achieve the basic objectives, the requirement that there be a security and political stability, and economic order to the process is done, and the creation of the banking system fully to print the amounts."

He added that "in the era of Shabibi when he was governor of the Central Bank of this project has been delayed and lost stability and requirements factors and the ground for the implementation of this process, which is now deferred to notice another, while providing the appropriate conditions."

He pointed out that "This project will reduce the use of the dollar in the domestic market, and disposing of damaged currency, as well as to reduce the large numbers that are trading mathematically, and reduce the pressure on the Trustees of the Fund, and there are a lot of benefits from the deletion of zeros."

He explained that "the largest category of cash is Al25,000 dinars, which is equal to $ 22, in the case of deletion of zeros and converted to 25 dinars Vstsawi of $ 75, this process will give the larger size of the local currency and reduce the use of the dollar in the domestic market."

Antoine said that "the Iraqi people tend to use cash flow does not deal with modern facilities visas and Kart and instruments, and began this means Athjm role" ./ ended 29 n / 10