Parliamentary Energy reveal for "balance of News" for a new oil agreement between the center and the region

Special - scales News - Detection of the Energy Committee and a member of the parliamentary oil Tariq friend, Sunday, about the possibility of signing a new oil agreement between the Governments of center and the region, noting that the latter issued 600 000 barrels per day, as pointed out that the next two months will witness the debate next year's budget.

A friend's / scales News / "The oil agreement is being so far between the federal and provincial governments, and there is no obstruction in implementation," stressing that "the region exported oil through Ceyhan line to SOMO for the shares of Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region Company".

He added that "the federal government for the large number of sovereign expenses or because of the war and the lack of liquidity has not been able to send all the benefits the region, which led the province to source oil divided into two parts, one of them handed over to SOMO oil company and the other is sold to pay for the Kurdistan Regional Government staff through dues."

The friend said that "the region issued 600 000 barrels per day of oil and the agreement was for one year and now the financial year in Iraq worrying", adding that "within two months will be discussing the budget in 2016 there will be a new oil agreement."

The Council of Ministers decided, in (2 December 2014), to approve the oil agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region which provides for the delivery of the region no less than 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to Baghdad for the purpose of export, after reaching the Kurdish delegation headed by Nechirvan Barzani, with Iraqi government an agreement on the region's share in the budget and export of oil. ended 29/4 e