Chairman of the Supreme Council of Magistracy gives direct orders to hold corrupt whatever addresses

Affirmed its support for reforms Abadi as "formulas"
Baghdad-Al-shammari's promise:
Granting the Federal judiciary Chief Judge Medhat Al Mahmood green light to all courts of Iraq to hold corrupt officials regardless of their address, confirmed its support for the "formulas" constitutional reforms Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, comes in conjunction with an exceptional meeting scheduled for the Supreme Judicial Council on Monday discussed proposals, the judiciary and courts, devoted to the development of the judicial work in Iraq.
Spokesman for the judiciary, judge Abdul Sattar Bayraqdar, in an interview with the "new morning", "Medhat Al Mahmood gave guidance and direct orders to all the Iraqi courts to hold corrupt."
He was due to "welcome guidance provided for the trial of those accused of blasphemy over public money regardless of their addresses.
He noted that "the judiciary represented by judges and public prosecutors and functional teams support constitutional formulas for the initiative of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, denying at the same time" of any contested before the Federal Supreme Court on the constitutionality of these reforms.
He was due to "the Supreme Judicial Council will be held under the chairmanship of Midhat Mahmoud, an extraordinary meeting Monday to discuss the development of the judicial work in Iraq."
"We will discuss increased in kinks that I found at the level of individuals and practices", and stated that "appropriate decisions will be taken that will strengthen the delivery right to the citizen and promote justice."
Bayrakdar noted that "extensive meetings held yesterday within the judiciary (Supreme Court, headed by the Prosecutor, the Court of Cassation and judicial supervision body) to discuss the development of reality."
He added that similar meetings were held in all premises of the appellate courts as well as specialized Central Court files of terrorism and organized crime, "he says" join those meetings all judicial personnel and functional. "
And Voyager spokesperson for the Iraqi judiciary that "results of meetings be included in recommendations for presentation at the meeting Monday for what could be applied in the light of the law, and in judicial work.
Meanwhile, bayrakdar "completion of the Committee responsible for the preparation of the code of judicial authority within the judiciary of all laws".
"These laws were sent respectively and concerns (the Federal Supreme Court, and the Supreme Council of the judiciary, prosecution, judicial supervision, and administrative judges and public prosecutors, judiciary) to the House of representatives through the Council of Ministers with a view to its legislation."
For his part, sees legal expert Tariq Harb that "recent judicial authority comes in response to the invitation of the religious reference in the Organization of the judiciary and head of the Government."
War, he said in an interview with "new morning", that "the past period was able to overcome all kinds of sectarian and tribal influences walmilishiauet and justice, despite the endeavours of some of undermining his efforts."
He promised "justice is currently the best conditions after being forced by politicians not to interfere in its affairs."
It continues to say that "the Federal judiciary have adopted numerous resolutions dimensions of judges to their mismatch and proper judicial conduct."
As reported that "less government departments affected by corruption," stressed that "the corrupt to be held accountable through a complaint directly before the Court in the light of legal evidence is considered.
He stressed that "the judge did not shy away from receiving the complaint when you move him," Noting that "there can be no publicity about corruption or other once claim to the media".
Complaining about "twice the legal culture of the Iraqi Street; that some journalists do not know the method of prosecution and instil into the street to eliminate delays in legal proceedings on charges of satellite launches.