Relationship: Central Bank loans will be released in the coming days

Posted on: 15 August 2015

Baghdad: the Governor of the Central Bank confirmed the relationship, Saturday, that Iraq needed to be able to achieve the economic renaissance of the country's resources, he noted that the launch of the project loans will be in the coming days.

Allaq said in his speech during the annual economic Conference of the Iraqi Council for businesswomen, "Iraq before the financial crisis, and should address through real planning for economic stability", calling for "a fundamental reform was successful and effective."
He added that "Iraq need economic Renaissance is capable of achieving the country's resources and without them there would be no economic stability", pointing to "the need for Iraq to market capable of absorbing economic advancement."
He added that "the Central Bank will launch loans for financing small and medium-sized enterprises in the coming days to support economic growth in Iraq."
Referred to as the Central Bank Governor stressed (8 August 2015) that public expenditure did not contribute to the expansion of the production base and has not achieved any development of the Iraqi economy, and explained that without the work done by the World Bank to Iraq saw a difficult financial situation, referring to r bonds five billion dollars to sell term for the Ministry of finance.