Mahmoud gives guidance directly to trial regardless of ″الفاسدين″ ' identities
15/08/2015 12:46

The President of the Federal judiciary judge Midhat al-Mahmoud, Saturday, "guidance" and "explicit" accountability "corrupt" regardless of ' identities.
He said the spokesman of the judiciary judge Abdul Sattar bayrakdar said in a statement that "extensive meetings for members of the judiciary of judges and members of the prosecutorial staff and currently sits in the mkarat appeal courts in all the provinces", stating that "the discussions focused on the glitches that I found in the judicial process, at the level of individuals or practices".
He said that swift action be taken to address any imbalance by providing recommendations, presented to the special session of the Supreme Council of the judiciary which will be held on Monday morning, "adding that" the special session will be devoted to discussing the recommendations and proposals that meetings held at the headquarters of the appellate courts. "