Parliamentary bloc condemns attacks on demonstrators
Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:59

Shafaq News / Al-Hal parliamentary bloc condemned on Saturday the attacks on peaceful demonstrators in Baghdad and other provinces,

while accused what it called a "wage-earners " of being behind these attacks.

The head of al-Hal parliamentary bloc MP , Mohammad al-Karbouli said in a statement that "the assault that took place was by number of wage-earners against peaceful demonstrators expressing the public demands which is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and steal the legitimacy of the people."

Karbouli called all political forces to respond to the will of the people, which was in the near future the main reason for being the parliament and taking executive positions.

He added that "respecting the right to demonstrate and the right of expression of opinion is no less important than respecting the Constitution and its application, as all politicians and officials must abide by it and work hard to put the demands of the demonstrators into effect without delay or procrastination."