Economic reveals for "balance of News" figures salaries and allowances "excess positions"

Special - scales News - Detection economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, Saturday, about the size of the amounts paid by the Iraqi government for the salaries and allowances of the positions "surplus", as he emphasized that reducing allocations to 80% will provide a $ 18 billion budget deficit and plugging.

Said Antoine L / scales News /, that "the reform steps taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reducing the surplus positions that will provide large sums of money, estimated at almost $ 18 billion."

He added that "the Iraqi government will pay 41 trillion dinars salaries and allowances of government positions excess 0.11 trillion dinars, of which the salaries of officials, and 30 trillion dinars are allocations".

He pointed out that "to reduce allocations to 80% will save $ 18 billion and fill the budget deficit," noting that "Sir sound economy needs of the mechanisms of action, experience and toast does not depend on the quota system in the selection of people, those who put on the basis of quotas, were in the test over 12 years and failed to catastrophic failure. "

Antoine stressed "the need for the authorities to withdraw from these failures, and to give the liberals incompetent to manage the economy and the reform process in Iraq."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face Sunday (August 9, 2015), as "a comprehensive and immediate reduction in the preparation of protections for all state officials Dmenhm three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and general managers and governors and members of the provincial councils and their grades, and the abolition of the special provisions for each presidencies bodies and state institutions and retired them according to instructions issued by the Prime Minister to take into account the justice and professional competence. "

He also drew to "reduce costs and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister immediately and open the previous and current files of corruption under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption is made up of specialists and working principle (Where did you get this), and invite the judiciary to adopt a number of specialists judges known integrity full investigation and prosecute corrupt ".anthy 29 n / 10