Notable remnants of the Ba'athist regime enjoys wild partiers and suspicious relations at the Iraqi Embassy in Vienna!
Date: Saturday, 15-08-15 10:48 am

A high-level source said about the serious information and circumvention of the law occurs at the Iraqi Embassy in Vienna.
The source said that the reservation be identified in his letter to our "return to subject the Iraqi Ambassador in Vienna Surood Najeeb, which we wrote about earlier but that our Government and our officials have they savored corruption and underworld and accused them of these topics already so we live in conditions of bitter fighting with aldwaash and austerity and the big campaign against corruption found it necessary to raise this matter again may cast a deaf ear as into question in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the seriousness of the alleged reform of the Ministry that all corruption ashash And what touches Ministry staff of double standards in dealing with issues of corruption. "
"Ambassador Surood Najeeb had reached the age of retirement to age 68 years by special law protected by law dismissed politicians were peers of service Mr. narratives bring the new nationality of Dohuk Court new births less than his borns real five years although Iraqi law provides for the non-acceptance of any document to install only the document is specified only that the law doesn't work here".
He said that "known Surood Najeeb, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its moral and physical disrespect and lack of commitment to working and many corruption cases have integrity and have done and that the staff of the Iraqi Embassy in Vienna had written to the Ministry on its particular relationship with the infamous first Secretary at the Embassy invited raghad and attending to the Embassy on weekends to swim in the pool in the recreation floor."
It should be noted that "Ambassador Surood Najeeb had not been politically separated but complement was a diplomat at the time of the former regime and worked with Barzan Al-Tikriti, but he was dismissed from the service because of the harassed employee local Roman when working under Iraqi Embassy in Romania and this is sad that expelled a diplomat because harassed foreign and local staff member at the time of the former Baathist regime that diplomatic custom and scratch cheapen the value of alblomaset, but prostitution with Iraqi diplomatic and accepted by the Government of the new Iraq".
The "political segregation, said there are two Ministry with the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary and shiller are webrikhan and were at the time of the former regime were used on local Iraq embassies abroad, but after the fall of the regime were hired in Foreign Affairs and political segregation and their embassies were charged Saddam by front struggle received the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary.