After his dismissal State law turned on Al-Maliki. It acknowledges responsibility for the financial budgets and loss!!

Mp State law Nicole, the previous Government led by former Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic article Nouri al-Maliki responsible for strained state budget, at the same time revealing the presence of 300 in the State Constitution, have been distributed.

Al-kinani said in a statement: "the decisions of the Government and parliamentary reform has two dimensions, economic dimension because it represents a step towards addressing the SAG of the administrative and financial functioning of the State institutions including the Government itself, as well as another political dimension of such decisions will pave to cancel quota confessional that has made the country a standstill."

"Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi decisions timely and represent a genuine response to the will of the masses and in line with the directives of the good religious reference".

Kinani confirmed "the presence of 300 post in State institutions was not enshrined in the Constitution, her allocation ndamt allocation and introduced by previous Governments are taxing burden on the State budget with amounts of money as salary and privileges," Abbadi investment opportunity real and absolute support given by religious reference and popular masses to advance the wheel building State institutions. "

The House voted, yesterday, the Cabinet decisions in response to demonstrators demanding the Elimination of corruption, the abolition of the posts of Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the Prime Minister immediately, reducing set up protections and special grades allocations and other crucial decisions.

The country is experiencing a wave of protests in Baghdad and the Central and southern governorates in protest over poor services, especially electricity, as well as file a claim accountant involved in administrative and financial corruption files and bring them to justice.