Diwaniyah protesters demanding the dismissal of the governor and do not allow corrupt officials to leave the country

Fri Aug 14 2015 6:09 p.m. | (Voice of Iraq) - Diwaniyah Hundreds of citizens of the province of Diwaniyah, Friday, in front of the government complex building Diwaniyah city center to confirm their demands dismissal of the governor resolution of the provincial council, as demanded accountability for negligent officials and not allow them to leave the country until judicial process is complete. The correspondent said that "hundreds of citizens of Diwaniyah staged a demonstration set off, this afternoon, of the Mosque of Mustafa toward the government complex center of the province," noting that "the demonstrators chanted slogans condemning corruption and demanding accountability of corrupt officials." He said the reporter that "the demands of the demonstrators It included the solution of the provincial council and the sacking of the governor, "calling for" those responsible not to allow corrupt officials to leave the country until the end of judicial proceedings and to make sure the charges files against them. " The House of the province of Diwaniyah, announced on Wednesday, the (2015,8,12), exemption senior Office of President of the Council staff in response to the actions of government limbering, and stopped the collection of taxes, and recommended the dismissal of the nationality of the province director and a number of local departments managers, and questioning others, while called the governor of Diwaniyah, to meet the calls of demonstrators filed a lawsuit against the province of Wasit to overcome the water quotas for Hor Aldelmj. The Governor of Diwaniyah, Ammar civil, issued on Tuesday, (the 11th of August now 2015), a formal letter included the withdrawal of all cars Office of the province used abroad, and compel the central departments to withdraw its mechanisms existing outside the circle for any purpose whatsoever. The province of Diwaniyah management, announced Monday, ( the tenth of this August), on their implementation of the decision to transfer the powers of eight ministries to local government, and confirmed that make a real difference in the level of services needed additional time due to the financial crisis, and revealed to exempt a number of departments and divisional managers and the freezing of a number of administrative unit managers. The Diwaniya Provincial Council, announced in (the ninth of this August), in an extraordinary session on the implementation of the reform plan urgently to meet the demands of the demonstrators, stressing the abolition of the posts of Deputy Assistant boss to ensure the government of the feminine, while one of its members counting that the meeting "did not come" Track and came to calm the masses angry. The governor of Diwaniyah, called in (the eighth of August now), all of proven negligence towards his duty to step down on his mission, and to submit his resignation immediately, before taking legal action to dismiss him from his post to make way for others to take responsibility. saw the city of Diwaniya (180 km south Baghdad), Friday (the seventh of this August), the largest demonstration in history in which more than twelve thousand demonstrators, to demand the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the province and to amend the constitution and work presidential rule parliamentary allowance system, after his failure and is caused by the loss of the wealth of the country since 2003, and a real reforms and to hold accountable all those who colluded spoilers loss of public money and thrown away without improving the level of services in the country.

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