Infallible calls to hold negligent beautiful bombing and calls for the world to support Iraq

[Baghdad - where]
called on the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, during convicted terrorist bombing that sell vegetables and fruit market targeted in a beautiful Alwa in Sadr City, on Thursday, to the negligence of Eetmktwa who did not prevent the bombing accounting.
And the transfer of a presidential statement, Friday, [where] received by all of Iraq, a copy of it, say about infallible, "This barbaric act reaffirms the criminal nature of the perpetrators of these terrorist acts and their lack of the most basic human and moral values, as evidenced by their cowardice blatant as long as unarmed civilians citizens are the goal of their work criminal awful. "
He called on the security authorities to "redouble their vigilance to catch those responsible for this new and sending them to justice terrorist crime, as well as negligent in preventing this terrorist attack accountable," calling on the world to "support Iraq in the current fight against terrorism which is threatening the region's countries and all the world. "
The capital of Baghdad, witnessed yesterday a truck bomb in a beautiful Alwa in Sadr City resulted in the death of at least 76 people and injuring more than 200 people.
adopted terrorist Daash guerrilla bombing, while carried the Commission on Security and Defense Some parliamentary security leaders responsible for negligence in the blast, calling for the formation of popular committees of the people of the city to protect their areas because they know with the activation of the intelligence effort and the development of devices Alsonar.anthy