Senior judge impedes 2500 civil money laundering banks issue!

Accused the leader of the National Alliance MP Ahmad Chalabi, on Friday, the President of the Court of obstructing the resumption of Rusafa 2500 case involving money laundering in exchange for tens of real estate in Lebanon and the Gulf. The MP said Ahmed Chalabi attributed to page him and pursued / scales News / "The money laundering in Iraq proved that there eradicate corrupt and political partners with them corrupt also do not care about Iraq or his future", calling for "cleansing of the Iraqi judiciary of the stigma this judge offender against Iraq which hindered the implementation of more than 2500 lawsuit against the banks that smuggled money abroad. " He said Chalabi "The bribes mobile companies that paid" to the judge, "We'll put you in numbers and this government is required to punish the mobile companies involved," explaining that "Judge Jafar Mohsin Ali al-Khazraji of the people of Badra is a member of Jaisalmer Kut Division of the party, teacher graduated from the Baath Party courses for guys from Law School six months crash course and then appointed a judge. " He said Chalabi said, "the work of a judge to the security of Kut and cause the execution of scores after the change and was promoted head of resuming Rusafa Bammer Medhat al-Mahmoud and included Baqrrart de-Baathification but excluded by al-Maliki," stressing that Khazraji "involved his race fraudulent billing claims T-issued by private banks hampered over 2500 lawsuit and also blocked lawsuits against mobile companies in Iraq and got this on dozens of real estate in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, billions of dinars all this with the support of some of the politicians involved and also was the main reason to expel a lot about running for the parliamentary elections. " This "revealed MP Haitham al-Jubouri, for release of the book to pull the hands of a judge is to" blackmail "telecommunications companies and the owners of the banks to close the cases brought against them," as he pointed to reveal the names of "mafias" big pervasive in the ministries of the Iraqi state, ".anthy 29 / d 25