Iraq: former member of the government reveals startling figures on the extent of corruption

Wael Abdul Latif
Made a judge and former member of the Iraqi government and parliament, a stunning figures on the size of the waste and corruption in Iraq, revealed the existence of an army of protections than the population of the Iraqi army, according to the Middle East newspaper of London on Thursday, The judge said Wael Abdul Latif, "The number of members of the protections of senior officials and ministers gathered exceeded 25 thousand protection element is paid for each one of them salary of $ 1.0009 million thousand Iraqi dinars (about $ 1,500) in addition to the allocations."
According to Abdul Latif, "is added to this number is too large a number of protections for members of parliament, heads and members of the provincial councils, governors, and their deputies, and members of the provincial councils, and the directors-general, and deputy ministers, to exceed the total number of members of the protections census Iraqi military personnel." Financial privileges For the fiscal privileges, Abdul Latif revealed that "the total received by the minister and member of parliament, a salary and my name for a period of only one month of 12 million and 900 thousand dinars, the equivalent of 10 thousand and $ 800," noting that "the total amount received by a member of the House of Representatives annually up to about 150 thousand and $ 600, to reach in four years of age Parliament about 722 thousand dollars. "