Iraq's parliament will discuss the law of parties tomorrow

BAGHDAD - Jawdat Kazem
It denied the presidency of the Republic of Iraq news finally been reluctant to claim the House of Representatives to keep one of the Vice President in office, while select a date Parliament tomorrow to vote on the draft law of parties, after he admitted membership MP Mishan al-Jubouri health. And Chancellery announced the presidency in a statement «life» received a copy of it: «categorically deny fully what some of the media and social networking sites for the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, send a request to the House of Representatives asked the survival of one of his deputies in office». The statement added that «infallible did not send a request of this kind has not nominate anyone to stay in the position of what» and called for «the media to contact them to make sure that any information pertaining to the presidency before publishing assets committed to the profession and the right of publication».
To that, the spokesman for the Sadrist movement, Salah al-Obeidi in televised remarks, that «the list of reform launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, despite the physical benefits of it in Treasury support, but they need to focus on the issue of accountability and hold negligent». He added: «should refer to the previous open files to sort the failed and corrupt and did not hold in the face of partisan and political pressures and other». He explained that «there are parties within the government is trying to stand in front of those reforms for fear of losing their posts and its arms», adding that «some fear that there would be broad powers to the prime minister for fear of the pressures of his party and a coalition of law», adding that «those concerns are legitimate. » He added that «there are financial reforms was supposed to be in the paper the reforms launched by al-Abadi, especially with regard to the issue of the central bank and maintain Keywords», indicating that «some are trying to fortify the Governor of Bank of change so as not to hurt those who stand behind him and the consequent of material losses for some banks and banks benefiting from the survival of Keywords in office. »
He stressed the need to al-Obeidi said «there is judicial reform, because the mechanisms used in the identity control of the judiciary power, and made mischief of young adults« and urged demonstrators to «carry these demands because they are not as important as the demands that they offered».
In a related development, the House of Representatives identified Saturday as the date for its meeting will vote on the political parties law. The MP said the «Union of Forces» Ahmed al-Mashhadani, the Sunni in connection with the «life» that the House of Representatives will vote during tomorrow's meeting on the draft law of parties of what constitutes great importance especially in the current situation ».
He added that «all the problems experienced by the country now because of the absence of a law to guarantee the rights of parties and limits and mechanisms of formation». And it increased. That «everyone has the desire to pass the majority of the outstanding bills to calm the situation and complete the official program of the parliament»