Deputy: recent reforms will raise the economic level of the country

MP for the National Alliance, Ahmed Salim, on Wednesday, that the recent reforms in the country, aimed at serving the community and out of the political process of retrenchment to the narrow opening and distant vision to build a home. Salim told all of Iraq [where] that "the reforms approved by the Cabinet and voted on by the House of Representatives, will elevate the country for the better and better on the basis of efficiency and professionalism," noting that "the reforms will raise the economic level through the removal of bodies and institutions involved in the country's economy from quotas sectarianism ". He pointed out that "these reforms give positive externalities look at Iraq, noting that the country took to heart in the right way through the application and a commitment to national standards," pointing out that "the adoption of such steps keep pace with the civil society and economic development." On services and stressed that "the Iraqi citizens came out for their provision of services worthy of it," adding that "previous governments did not provide any valid services but on the contrary rose Iraqi citizen in order to provide good services, with the available economic potential of the country."
He added that the sound "reformist side needs a profound study, and to develop a new plan, electric power, and the use of consulting firms in terms of services which have friction citizen such as water, electricity and social services, infrastructure, industry and agriculture." End