Dhi Qar calls on demonstrators to miss an opportunity to "affected by the reforms."

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Called on the province of Dhi Qar , on Friday, the demonstrators to commit Bslmah demonstration, and miss the opportunity to "predators" the security of the province and "affected by the reforms" carried out by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi recently, as pointed out the importance of forming a committee is influenced by the "partisan wills" to deal with the protesters demands. " She said the province in a statement received Alsumaria News , a copy of which, "The Dhi Qar management emphasizes respect for the right of citizens to demonstrate and objection and constructive criticism which contributes to the Government Performance Evaluation and activating the supervisory role and correct the imbalance wherever it exists, and this is what expresses the social consciousness of civilized rise the role of the individual and society and makes it more dynamic and effective in the performance of government and community development. " And called on the province, the demonstrators to "commitment Bslmah their demonstration demands and miss the opportunity to predators and to maintain the security of those affected by the reform process launched by the religious authority sparked by the prime minister and pledged to achieve them through a series of necessary measures will lay real foundations for the establishment of the Iraqi civil state."
The local government has stressed the need to "work to keep anyone who wants to offend the demands of the demonstrators or seeks to achieve a private and mysterious goals through its presence among the ranks of the demonstrators," pointing to the importance of "working on the follow-up to the reform process and closely monitored to ensure the achievement of the demands and reform measures To some people do not think of trying to confiscate these demands or harnessed to its own interests. "

She added that "the local government Tadkm to be more eager to achieve the demands that are consistent with the Constitution and confirms its warning at the same time that some of those affected by the reforms and trying stoking Shipping skies achieve its objectives."

She stressed the province on the need to "work and coordination with the province to form a committee to active and influential and non-level management affected Balaradat partisan and trends of intellectual narrow, to take the Commission's requests demonstrators and treated as the basis for the reform measures included not enter our province in a security or an administrative glitch."

It is scheduled to be launched on Friday a new demonstration in the capital Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces to protest against poor services and lack of electric power, and a week after similar demonstrations came out last Friday.

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