Babylon Council vote on paper reforms include a request to exempt electricity director of the Middle Euphrates and open the files of corruption

The voice of the province of Babylon Council, on Friday, the paper reforms put forward by the conservative endorsed Royal, The Royal stressed that the paper included a request to the Council to recommend to the Ministry of Electricity to exempt electricity director of the Middle Euphrates and open the files of corruption in all departments of Babylon, pointed out that it included an exemption managers service departments who spent more than four years and exempt advisers Office of the province. The governor of Babylon honest meaning of Royal during a joint news conference with the head of the provincial council Haider Jaber Wasp and attended (range Press), "The administration of the province presented a paper on reforms to the provincial council and approved," noting that "the paper included the exemption service departments managers who went on to serve more than four years and the establishment of their agents manage their constituencies during the ten days until the appointment of new directors and the exemption of all advisers in the Office of the province. "
The Royal, The "paper reforms also include the exemption of departments and people managers in the Office of the province who have spent in their more than two years in their work and exemption manager contracts in the province," pointing out that "the paper included a request to the Board of Babil province to issue a recommendation to the Ministry of Electricity to exempt electricity Director Middle Euphrates and the opening of all financial and administrative corruption files in circles all the province of Babylon, and the formation of a joint committee of the local government and the demonstrators and civil society organizations to follow up the implementation of the recommendations. "

For his part, President of the Provincial Council Haider Jaber Wasp, "The extraordinary session which examined the paper reforms made by the governor of Babylon on the order him and assigned by the Council held submitting the provincial council in two days."

The Wasp, "The Council voted on the paper reforms in addition to agreeing to a number of reforms of interest to the province and presented by the members of the Council."

The boards of districts, counties in the province of Babylon described, on Thursday (the 13th of August 2015), that the provincial council's decision to dissolve the councils as "unconstitutional", and promised him "absorption" of the anger of the masses calling for reform and "Astgfala them," The bore of the provincial council "failures and failure," the responsibility of the non-implementation of the projects, called for action to these councils, which provided a lot of services to citizens early elections.

The Council decided to Babil province, on Tuesday (11 August 2015), solution support councils in the province and to transfer its funds to the popular crowd, and in resolving all the boards, districts and areas in Babylon, sacked general manager of the chemical industry company in the province.

The Council decided to Babil province, on Tuesday, (11 August 2015), the formation of a supreme committee to study the financial and administrative files of corruption in the province, while expressed support for the reforms approved by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Dozens of children of Babil province staged, on Sunday (August 9, 2015), pause solidarity with the decisions of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reform, as indicated that they have signed authorization for Ebadi forms in moving these procedures, they stressed the need for the Abadi put the right person in the right place .

Babil province has seen in the past two weeks, two large demonstrations call for reform and detect corrupt resolution of the House of Representatives and the province, while the masses announced full support for the actions the Prime Minister and the reformist-backed reference and the people. %25D8%25A7%25D8%25AA-%25D8%25AA%25D8%25AA%25D8%25B6