Saleh appearance: directed government to move the productive sectors

Pour trends within the government in its reform program to achieve structural balance of the Iraqi economy, to move the productive sectors and the shift towards a free market economy, it requires many procedures to be followed to achieve corporate social productive market. In this regard, stresses economic adviser in the prime minister d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that "there are two directions the first Iraqi economy represent the state's interest in physical infrastructure, legal or institutional They obligations on the government, and the other market, which is the operator and the driver of the economy of the President." Saleh added in a statement the "morning" that there are several means necessary to achieve structural balance of the Iraqi economy is to establish creative units to market a company, as it will be recorded and movement of high flexibility, according to government guidelines recently in the simplification of administrative procedures, in addition to providing soft loans to the market that the state contribute a portion of them, and the associated market lending which banks either governmental or Private loans offer a facilitator helps to development, which is consistent with the central bank initiative in the financing of small and medium enterprises, as well as market protection is through the provision of a pension for each of the works in the private sector when he reaches the legal age equivalent for government employees.
He also noted that Market protection is also achieved through the application of legislator and the window to protect the national product and to ensure a free market in the country of laws such as laws tariffs, and the protection of the national product, consumer, and competitive, and other laws and decrees and regulations about travel of and protection (5000), stressing that this the three pillars will form the so-called social market. In the opinion in favor of the market govern the economy in the future in the country in the event of availability of appropriate conditions, so it is necessary to create independence for the market, and is intended to production, as well as achieving an independent and productive corporate social market, and the role of government either partner or directed as well as responsibility for the infrastructure as the public good of the public body functions. As for the basic steps to be followed by the State in achieving this balance Vnoh favor of that is through the efficient use of money and a good selection of activities, as well as community awareness of ways and how to move to the free market and its requirements which falls on the awareness and guidance device. He also noted that Iraq's identity agricultural, and if the advancement of this sector, it will move the rest of the other sectors, especially the industrial sector, as well as construction, which is one of the important sectors within the joints of many crafts sector industries, returned them the spark that occupy the Iraqi economy as they contribute to the operation of many of the manpower thus eliminating Batalh.ama for the private sector, said adviser: he is able to lead the market and achieve development projects contribute to moving the wheel of the economy, as well as its contribution to the actor in the run sectors productivity, where he is scheduled to be the contribution of this sector to GDP ratio in 2030 is estimated at more than 50 percent year, so it President operator of the market, but it needs to plan and support the government to help him on the advancement of the country's economy.