Bahaa Al-araji accused Dawa by seizing a Presidential Palace. The latter accused members of the State law, breaking the law!
Date: Thursday, 13-08-15 02:36 pm

The daily's advocacy leadership in Dawa khudair Al-khuzai, the Deputy Prime Minister's takeover of Bahaa Al-araji, who resigned as energy on Sinbad's Palace in Baghdad.
And "Al-araji said the restoration and furnishing of the Palace in the green zone at about $ 17 million of public money spent.
For his part, Al-araji accused the former Vice-President khudair Al-khuzai, grabbing State property and breaking the law.
Al-araji said, responding to the accusations of his Dawa party, "Al-khuzai remains steadfast in the mansion owned by former Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic article Nouri al-Maliki.
Relatives confirmed that "sponsored by the ruling party was transforming the Castle held by Danish King his personal and his family as their personal residence", accusing the State of law Coalition, Dawa "circumvent the law and defrauded in control over State property and turn them into private property.