Maliki's son "" blessed with Finnish citizenship and second wife to ensure citizenship!
Date: Thursday, 13-08-15 02:37 pm

Relevant source close the Iraqi Embassy in Finland that "Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, son of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki held article yesterday I marries fellow Finnish nationality".
The source, who declined to be identified because his close of Ambassador Ahmad Al-Maliki arrived in Finland and the daughter Bongi Iraqi expatriate businessman in Finland Sami Kabbah. "
The "son of Maliki to get Finnish citizenship by virtue of his marriage to Finnish expatriate Iraqi businessman's daughter and obtained Finnish citizenship Sami Kabbah."
It was revealed earlier, sources from the French authorities refused to approve the grant, son of former Prime Minister and current Deputy President Nouri al-Maliki (Ahmed), asylum in France.
The source said that "Maliki's son called (Al-Maliki) the French authorities requested earlier, to approve his request for asylum in their own State."
The source confirmed that an unnamed "French authorities refused to grant asylum," Maliki's son, returned a "expulsion."
He said that "after French authorities refused to grant Brian asylum in their State, decided to resort to the State of Finland and Finnish citizenship, by virtue of the few asylum applications, and easy to hide if excitation profiles for the mother and their followers by Iraqi justice and the international tribunals."
It was published in France's Le Figaro, urgent news was delivering son of former Prime Minister and current Vice President, Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, recourse to one of the European countries.
--"Son of Maliki registered documents, attached to his request for asylum in Finland, the State required them to grant Finnish citizenship quickly."
The newspaper stated that "the request for former Prime Minister's son, was clandestinely through an intermediary authorized by the two Governments," he said, adding that "there are pressures exercised by senior politicians in the Iraqi Government to the Finnish Government to accept this request quickly."

The newspaper expressed outrage at this action, describing them as "politicians do not bear responsibility, not the size of the threat to their country, and all interested in escape to outside, having received from erroneous policies."
The newspaper published a picture of an Iraqi fighter from the popular crowd supporting the security forces of the Iraqi army and police, in one of the battles of Fallujah area of Anbar province, with almost surreal sibic luxury describes family of the Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki.
The paper said that "this is not the first attempt of Iraqi Government politicians who plan to escape from their responsibility as perpetrators of Iraq bad management", stating that "If you don't exaggerate, most families are living a luxurious life politicians outside Iraq, with the poor and needy of the Iraqi people to sacrifice their land occupied by terrorist organizations."