Reference emphasizes the reform of the judiciary and warns of blocking or delaying the implementation of reforms

By Mohammed Emad

one forty-nine 08.14.2015

Brother - Baghdad
He stressed the Supreme religious authority, the need to reform the judicial system as an essential step to achieve the reforms which have announced recently the government.

The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai during the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif "announced in recent days to make decisions and reforms in the government and the fight against corruption and justice, and we appreciate it and we hope to find those decisions in the pipeline at the time near We would like to note that the most important reform of the requirements is that the reform process of the most important requirements of the reform of the judicial system. "

He added that the judiciary "is an important pillar for the completion of the reform packages and can not be real reform without him, and that corruption and rampant even in the judiciary, but there are certainly quite a few of the honorable judges who have their hands no contamination of bribery does not take them in the right for anybody as long as it must be reliance on these in the reform of the judiciary to be based foundation to repair the rest of the state institutions. "

Karbalai and pointed out that "the fight against rampant corruption in government institutions was one of the most important concerns of the religious authority supreme since the early years of regime change has been confirmed over and over again in the past ten years in the outgoing of Najaf Me In Friday sermons also the importance of doing the steps Avenue to combat administrative corruption and financial and that no development and progress without it. "

He said, "I would like to read excerpts from statements issued by reference in this regard in the past years and in April in 2006, before nearly 10 years, after and before the formation of the government elections for the first session of the House of Representatives issued a reference Office stating that the other next government tasks are deeply anti-financial and administrative corruption rampant in the importance of state institutions to the degree portends grave danger and must be put mechanisms to prosecute the corrupt judicial whoever they are. "

He continued that "in September 2006 and after the formation of the government office issued a statement stating emphasis again on the fight against corruption and abuse of power that caused the loss of a number of state resources with the elimination of the practice of accounting and punish the corrupt."

He pointed Karbalai that "In February 2001, the reference office issued a statement in which the Supreme religious authority called on the House of Representatives and the government to take serious and concrete steps to improve public services, especially electricity, ration card items and provide work for the unemployed and the fight against corruption."

"Before this and that it has called for a decisive decisions to cancel privileges unacceptable for current and former members of parliament and the provinces and senior officials in the government and special grades and to refrain from the introduction of government positions unnecessary costs annually large sums of people's money."

He pointed out that "this calls for models of continuous reference to the need to combat corruption in the country that we did not find unfortunately fallen on deaf ears in the past years circles and assurances."

The representative of the reference that "there are many laws and decrees issued in the past years, which have opened broad prospects for the practice of corruption in various forms and must be for the government and the House of Representatives to reconsider these laws and decisions and working on modified or abolished as required by the public interest."

"In contrast, there is an urgent need for legislation of laws and decisions are not reform without which it is delusional is your ladder salaries to state employees so that takes into account social justice and the law as it is not acceptable that has some senior officials of the salaries of tens of millions a month in time to Athblg for a lot of employees 300 Thousand dinars ".

Said Karbalai "We hope that the government and the House of Representatives and the judiciary make the required reforms are well thought out, but it is tarry and delay let them know that the Iraqi people watching their work and pursue their performance and will have the appropriate position of those who hinder or delay in the implementation of reforms and the fight against corruption."

He noted at the same time that "the logic of officials accorded a reasonable opportunity to prove their good intentions in the reform process to move forward without fear of pushing the country in chaos and political access Palmeatrut".

And Dan representative of the Supreme religious authority the terrorist bombing of the bombing yesterday pretty Alwa in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad, which killed tens of martyrs and wounded.

Said Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai "terrorists oldest brutes yesterday on a car bomb in a beautiful Alwa in Baghdad which resulted in the loss of hundreds of innocent civilians killed and wounded has announced the adoption of terrorist Daash for this heinous crime and sectarian Tbjha them."

He added that "after the organization Daash parables these brutal crimes in retaliation for Karim of the Iraqi people, who stood with his sons armed forces and volunteers and clans bulwark achieve his goals without the ill-fated".

He pointed out, "We As we express our sympathy and solidarity with the families bereaved and pray for mercy on the martyrs and call for the wounded to heal, we emphasize that these atrocities will not break the will of the Iraqi people never even increase his determination to continue fighting until we achieve the final victory and rid the country of an abomination obscurantists terrorists." .
"We also emphasize once again the responsibility of government agencies need to speed up reform of the security and intelligence institutions to be able to perform the desired role in providing security, stability and detection of terrorist attacks before they occur."