Asadi calls for the inclusion of "greater numbers" General Amnesty Law

By Mohammed Emad

13.8.2015 3:05 a.m.

Brother - Baghdad
MP for the coalition of state law, Adnan al-Asadi universally prepare many cases the general amnesty law.

He said in a press conference and attended by the correspondent for News Agency (et) that "as the reasons for the enactment of this law in order to provide an opportunity for those who cover of Iraqis to return to public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform, according to this perspective and orientation to be a general amnesty law includes numbers many cases to achieve this goal. "

He said al-Asadi said "our observations on the law, which we call the Legal Committee to adopt and processed to identify cases of kidnapping and terrorism Agheirmhmolh law and not left open and crimes of trafficking in very few evil in Iraq, no need to describe them in the exception inclusive these crimes that not be the general but carried out the kidnapping and Giralmacol also equate that Erecha of one million dollars and embezzlement in the theft of state funds and impose on the embezzled or stolen from state funds to restore the money to Eshmlbalafo and away from the civilian job if he is an employee and if the company is placed on the black list, with the deletion of the last paragraph of material financial and administrative corruption crimes It's open to the Girmohdodh and covered the first part of the paragraph. "

He also called for inclusion of the mistake administrative was his rule on this basis in addition to the inclusion of smuggled relics After you determine the value and quality of amnesty and forgery of official documents for the degree of functional simple and not particularly great Kmadaraam up and the inclusion of the competent courts in the defense, interior and other ministries and that the verdicts be first with the consent of the Court Federal discrimination and secondly bringing them amnesty. "