Iraqi judge: greater protections of officials from the army .. and 722 thousand dollars for each deputy in 4 years

Abdul Latif reveals amazing figures on waste and corruption....Baghdad: Manaf al-Obeidi «Middle East» - A former deputy in the Iraqi parliament and the judge Wael Abdul Latif, the presence of an army of characters protections in the Iraqi state more than the current population of the Iraqi army, pointing out that the allocation of financial and staggering numbers you spend It inflicted upon Iraq and brought it to the budget deficit, and that there is circumvention of the law and the Constitution in this regard Morse over the past years to keep the privileges and salaries unchanged.

Said Abdul Latif, a former minister in the Iraqi government, in an interview for «Middle East», {The numbers are compiled by all census elements protections presidents, ministers and parliament deputies and protections minister and former prime ministers and other political figures exceeded 25 thousand protection element, and this number is distracted each one of them salary of $ 1.0009 million thousand Iraqi dinars (about $ 1,500), in addition to the provisions for food, housing, fuel and medical allowances}. According to Abdul Latif {added to this number is too large a number of protections members of the House of Representatives and the heads of councils in the provinces, governors and their deputies, members of the provincial councils and the directors-general and deputy ministers, to exceed the total number of members of the protections census current Iraqi military personnel}. He said: «These figures are certainly very large numbers, are not in line with the country's situation, and the Prime Minister to work immediately to save Iraq from an economic catastrophe in the event of continuing this massive bleeding in the money».

For the financial privileges for officials, Abdul Latif revealed that «the total received by the minister and board member of Parliament, salary my name for a period of one month only, of 12 million and 900 thousand dinars, the equivalent of 10 thousand and $ 800, in a lump. Included in this amount of protection expenses and other expenses per month, is not covered by any taxes, and added to this amount a proposal from a member of the previous parliament (Sheikh Representatives) Khalid al-Attiyah amount of 3 million dinars to find a residence befitting parliamentarians, the proposed acceptance was met, and has increased salary of a member of the Iraqi parliament to reach to 16 million dinars. According to these figures, the total amount received by a member of the House of Representatives in one year up to about 150 thousand and US $ 600, for a total of four years in the life of Parliament about 722 thousand US dollars. MP and continue to get 80 per cent of his salary salary pension for life. »

Said Abdul Latif, who holds a doctorate in law and served as a judge in the period before 2003, that «the House of Representatives has already passed a law which gives its members the right to own a piece of land anywhere they want. As they succeeded in consideration the amount of a loan of 70 million dinars (about $ 60 thousand) feet of the deputies to buy cars grant the grounds that they spent on cars consumed at work », referring to« additional concessions obtained by the House of Representatives, including financial ancestor tax-free (for the purpose of improving their level the standard of living) The value of each advance of which 90 million dinars ($ 76 thousand) ».
These figures look amazing in magnitude when compared with the average income in Iraq, which was, according to official data, of $ 266 per month (US $ 3200 per year) in 2008, that any MP's salary exceeds 40 times the income of the average citizen in Iraq.

For his part, researcher and expert in economic and political affairs, Rahim al-Shammari, the figures confirm the size of the risks and frightening decline in the Iraqi economy due to lack of proper planning and the right vision and thinking and the spread of financial and administrative corruption. He said in an interview for «Middle East» that «the prime minister Haider al-Abadi reforms based on Article 78 of the Iraqi Constitution, which is true and accurate one hundred percent, the fact that to be in the face of difficult circumstances falls within the general policy of the state that emerges from the executive branch, and included the high costs of salaries the higher grades and working Balriasat three special allowances, in addition to the Third Army (protections), which has a special in which military cohorts 15 battalions dedicated presidencies and political figures whom are retired, and up census elements to about 16 thousand element, which is equivalent to a combat military band, Add to protections for members of parliament, former and current, which consumes half of the Iraqi parliament's budget by careful study prepared by the end of last year, due to the arrival of these numbers to fourteen thousand protection element, augmented by personal protections own minister, agents and general managers and advisers that its numbers up to about 22 thousand distributed element to protect the characters in the Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and some on the Ministry of Defense and others on the budget of ministries. »

Shammari added that «these are not performing according to military law actual service, while the disposal of their huge budget, and the policy of reform which has been prepared by the assistant head of the government expects to fill between 10 and 15 per cent of the current deficit, and with other reforms in salaries uniform for all system will exceed Iraq, 35 per cent of the current financial crisis. »