Financial provide 750 billion dinars, and confirms the allocation of part of the contracts to cover the expenses and wages of workers 8/13/2015
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The Ministry of Finance, on Thursday, for the provision of more than 700 billion dinars for the purpose of supporting the development requirements, and as pointed out that the money will be allocated part of the ongoing projects in the investment plan and to cover contracts expenses and wages of workers, confirmed begin distribution next week. The Finance Ministry said, in a statement, I got the (long-Presse), a copy of it, that "the ministry's response to support the requirements of development in these delicate circumstances in the country, was able to save $ 750 billion dinars." The statement added, "These funds will be for the purpose of securing the ministries and provincial requirements and regional development and ongoing projects in the investment plan, including contracts cover the expenses and wages of workers." The Ministry of Finance explained that "the amount will be distributed in equal proportions among the beneficiaries," asserting that "the exchange will be starting next week."
And it led financial crisis in Iraq as a result of the fall in world oil prices, to give local governments for the majority of service projects, and the shrinking number of workers in the services sector and hygiene.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives approved, (the 29th of January 2015), the financial budget for the current year, B119 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion dinars.

He announced the International Monetary Fund, in (the fifth of June 2015) is ready to give Iraq an exceptional financial assistance worth 833 million dollars, to help him to cope with the economic implications of war with al (Daash) and the deterioration of oil prices in the world market, noting that the Iraqi economy shrank by 2.1 percent in 2014, the past "because of the violence is the basis", and that "not record" the biggest growth of 0.5 percent this year, 2015.