United States: the bombing of Sadr City, an attempt to divide the Iraqi people Daash row

the United States strongly condemned the blast, which targeted the morning selling vegetables and fruit market in the beautiful Alwa in Sadr City, east of the capital Baghdad, which killed dozens of martyrs and wounded.
A spokesman for the US State Department John Kirby in a press statement that Daash seeks through his "terrorist" to split the Iraqi people "that his union continue against the organization," he continued parking his country with the Iraqi people in its response to the organization.
He Kirby said the United States condemns attack Daash at a popular market in Baghdad that killed dozens of people dead and hundreds wounded and bombings in Diyala last Monday and which have left about 60 people dead. "
The truck bomb this morning exploded in a beautiful Alwa in Sadr City have killed at least 76 people and injuring more than 200 people, adopted Daash terrorist gangs bombing while the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee took some security chiefs responsible for negligence in the blast, calling for the formation of popular committees of the people of the city to protect their areas because they know with the activation of the intelligence effort and the development of devices Alsonar.anthy