Next week .. Iraq and Brazil sign trade and economic agreement between the two countries


BAGHDAD / JD / .. stressed the Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim that next week will be to sign a trade and economic agreement between Iraq and Brazil in the Brazilian capital.

Abdel Karim said in a statement / dinars / received a copy of it after a meeting with the new Brazilian ambassador in Baghdad: the week the next will witness the signing of trade and economic agreement between Iraq and Brazil in the Brazilian capital, adding that the agreement will contribute to the development of economic and trade relations between the two countries and the exchange of expertise and take advantage of Brazilian goods in the field of sugar and rice to calculate the ration card.

He added that the new agreement will contribute to finding Bending commercial economic cooperation joint and it will be a road map from which to find the best ways for bilateral cooperation, especially that Iraq is seeking to open up to the Arab and international oceans and to benefit from the Brazilian experience in the fields of agriculture and the economy in the light of what is achieved in the country's agricultural and economic developments.

calling on the Brazilian side to participate in the upcoming Baghdad gallery In addition to the establishment of a specialized exhibition of goods and products Brazilian inside Iraq as well as the Proposals quality cars for the purpose of selling in the General Automotive Company.

He stressed Iraq's desire to develop economic and trade relations with Brazil to be important and added economic partner that Brazil has a sophisticated industry of hardware and equipment as well as agricultural products from sugar, rice, oil able Iraqi market financing you need from these materials.

The Ambassador of the new Brazilian has stressed the depth of relations between Brazil with Iraq and the desire of Brazil to develop and activate and take advantage of the joint bilateral agreement to be signed next week in the Brazilian capital in the presence of a senior Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister Iraqi Trade.