The rule of law "threatens" Abadi .. "political coup" if al-Maliki has formally dismiss from office!
Date: Thursday 13.08.2015

Demanded the MP for the coalition of state law emotions grace on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to retain the position of vice president (in accordance with Article 75 of the Constitution / II) to ensure the ratification of those provisions, which claimed that the infallible does not it.
She said grace in a statement reported by her office "The reforms initiated by Dr. Abadi should include the implementation of judicial sentences, including death sentences handed down to those convicted of terrorism, as its implementation has become a popular demand."
She added that "not infallible ratify the death sentences to make the Iraqi street is confused, and we hope that reveals President about the secret behind his refusal, which is the circumvention of the Constitution ", warning of" the existence of a Saudi American agendas behind this case. "
She explained that "can not Ebadi affect infallible in order to ratify the death sentences, and so we will need to keep Mr. al-Maliki in office ", warning of a" political coup of state law on Abadi, in the case has not been implemented their demand. "
It showed that "what is increased is complicated by the lack of a vice president to do as Khodair al did when he approved the death sentences after former President Jalal Talabani refused to ratify them, presence of Vice President of the Republic gives strength and immunity in the event of infallible abandon ratification of the sentences, "calling Abadi to" maintaining the position of vice president Nuri al-Maliki, who had to Enzdd in the ratification of the judged penalty to achieve justice and victory forhe blood of the martyrs that shed at the hands of murderers and terrorists Takfiri