Commission fall of Mosul: Members await the signing of the final report to be submitted to the Public Prosecution

President of the Special Parliamentary Committee said the investigation in the fall of Mosul of quitting, said his committee Ntnzer its members signing the final report on the investigation into the cause of Daash control of the city for the purpose of submission to the public prosecution. He said Zamili, at a joint news conference with deputies of Sadr City, held building the House of Representatives, attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], "has been putting the final touches to the final report of the fall of the city of Mosul, and wait for the signing of the members of the Committee on the report," explaining, "I will report to the public prosecutor for myself. " "We should not appease whatever, and we will ask the Presidency of the Council of Representatives must report hearing be held in public and devoted his whole day," pointing out that "there are 16 members of the Commission of Inquiry every one of them defends his part, sometimes up to fights and clashes fist during meetings of the Committee but This does not deter us from telling the truth. "
The Zamili, announced on 30 July, for the completion of his committee writing the final report on the events of the fall of the city, however Daash terrorist gangs in June 2014. He said in a statement received by [where], "The final report has been written once and for all and consists of a hundred paper and we will present in the coming days to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to read it in a special session and referred the public prosecution and the judiciary," stressing that "the Commission will follow up the case until the deciding final where by the judiciary, and it will not allow the pressure on the decision to be taken against convicted according to the report which we will present the prosecution and judiciary, which we trust his integrity. " He revealed Zamili earlier about the involvement of a major security and political figures in the fall of Mosul, however Daash.anthy