Iran scared for the fate of al-Maliki: Islamist leader Lund Erdogan and otherwise collapsed to opposition

Described the media reports an Iranian former vice president, Nouri al-Maliki, as 'Islamic Arab commander exceeded the borders of Iraq', adding that it was Linda Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and were it not for his policies for occupied from he described B'awahabaan 'all Iraq's Sunni areas and collapsed the Syrian front and the weakness of the axis of defiance. She said the agency 'Tasneem' Iran's semi-official, in analytical coverage came across an article titled 'What do you read Iranian strategists do not see some of the Iraqis?' Came a day after the Iraqi parliament's decision to ratify the package of reforms, including the abolition of the post of al-Maliki as vice president, said that al-Maliki: 'One of the most prominent leaders front of resistance and opposition in the region.' returned Agency memory to Maliki's visit to Tehran last November, saying that 'attention religious official and media Maliki and his visit was beyond the official and party position him; it is part of a holistic strategy for the Arab Region 'he said, adding that what it called strategic B'bad important discovered by the Iranians in the personality of al-Maliki and his role and his most Iraqi factions politicians do not want to see; including Some parties to the Dawa Party led by al-Maliki. '
The agency returned the Iran interest Maliki to them that it 'is not a political figure and by; but Islamic figure leading political, cultural and intellectual .. which made ​​the Iranians view him as the leader of an Islamic Arabic exceeded the borders of Iraq, and is the size of the Arab region factors 'adding that the tribute to the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, it pushed Iranian journalists to say that the Arab region' are today Bakaidan Islamists field; two Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Mr. Nuri al-Maliki .. Secretaries-General of the largest and most important two-party Islamist Shiites in the Arab sector. '
She Agency Maliki played a role in 'rein in sectarian Recep Tayyip Erdogan and (Saudi monarch late) Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and their roles Altakrepien in the Arab Region' according to the claim, adding: 'al-Maliki and his party two equals and be condemned to Erdogan and his party, and Nasrallah and his party two equals and be condemned to Abdullah and his system . '
The agency found that the Iranians' realize deeply the nature of the rare historical sacrifice made ​​by al-Maliki, which saved through Iraq and Shiites and the axis of the whole of the largest historical catastrophe opposition; they will transform Iraq into an arena of fierce civil war does not end until after the burn center and south, and occupies the Wahhabis all the Sunni areas, and declare the Kurdistan independence .. and collapse the Syrian front and weaken the axis of resistance, which spearheaded Iran. '
concluded the agency with reference to the qualities that describe Khamenei, Maliki and praise that face him, saying that this certificate which said that 'some Iraqis do not want to read the dimensions' is 'legitimate and accurate strategic realignment of senior religious authority Couched hand; give to Mr. al-Maliki, it deserves appreciation and veneration and praise, Tncefh about the attacks and accusations that remained exposed. They then; a clear message to some politicians Islamists Iraqi Shiites' according to the expression.
It is noteworthy that Iran was among the most prominent supporters of the owners over the years, has forced the last to leave the office mid-August 2014 after a political crisis exacerbated security on the back stretch organization Islamic State 'Daash' in many northern regions of the country.