Sereni denies: I did not expect Abadi subjected to assassination

MP denied the Kurdistan Sirwan Sereni represented to him the Washington Post newspaper that he expected Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi subjected to an assassination attempt or the destruction process coup against him on the back of announcing a package of government reforms and the fight against corruption. Said Sereni in Matmrsahvi that dialogue with the representative newspaper eating support Congress of the Kurdistan Democratic Party package of reforms announced by the Prime Minister and the difficulties faced by the Abadi in the implementation of Amracalh senior officials mechanism and pattern formation of the current government and the previous governments that relied on the participation of all of the blocks winning the election, denying strongly addressed to the coup or an assassination attempt on the prime minister. Sereni delegate accused the newspaper omit paragraphs task of meeting and twist his words incorrectly and said that this is contrary to the work of professional media professional, expressing regret for the rush, some local media outlets and the transfer of Nscherbr is incorrect.