Najafi strongly denies his criticism of the reference Sistani to "give him powers" to al-Abadi for repair


Former Vice President Osama Najafi strongly denied the news about his criticism of the religious reference to the Supreme Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani being a "grant powers" to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and take decisions under a broad reform included abolishing the posts of Vice President of the Republic, and others.
A statement by the Office of Najafi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "It is regrettable that some of those who count on the media sector, lack the most basic necessities of media work based on honesty and delivery of information audited to the reader or the viewer, it has deliberately A software providers in the satellite channel to launch an attack on Najafi based on false information or tendentious reading of singing the attack but insults on his person, the bottom subject as the presenter claims that Najafi had criticized Mr. al-Sistani on the background of the powers granted to Ebadi, and that did not happen at all. "
The statement added that "In this area, we say that there is a close relationship linking Najafi Mr. Sistani is based on respect for Najafi to his authority honest, and there are meetings achieved between them, and numerous correspondence and in different occasions sent Najafi to Mr. al-Sistani, and that the relationship Shiite component are at their best and firmer than meager attempts to abuse them. "
The statement continued, "we also say that Mr. Sistani distance Bmarjeith honest about getting into the details of political work or the work of the state, there are many assertions in this area, most recently given the lie to the news that indicated the presence of a representative uh committees in government reform."
He stressed that "Najafi believes Bmdnah State and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the country which determines how the State Department, and the above strongly condemn and deplore fabrications program presenter, in his abuse for each viewer, and abuse of the truth absent, as well as a misreading of the members of the National Alliance, which he described as believe Prime bloc more than their faith and ties to and accepted their fast and point of reference and finally in order not to pass this abuse without action, we will establish a lawsuit against the software provider and the right channel as well. "
The reference upper Dinaa had demanded in a speech last Friday Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take steps "more daring and courage" in his steps reformist and seeks that the government take important decisions and strict procedures in the field of anti-corruption and social justice will smite with an iron fist from tampering with people's money, and works to cancel the privileges and allowances unacceptable awarded to current and former officials as in the state has been repeated talk about it. "
For his part, al-Abadi gave a broad package of reforms he said were the first and approved by parliament on Tuesday with the first offer is also similar reform package.
It is said that Najafi description Abadi reforms to "encroach upon the Constitution and the powers granted to him," and accused the government of "neglecting the demands of the protesters Sunnis and Kurds in view of the response to the demands of the demonstrators in the south and center" .anthy