Integrity Commission: Adjust red-handed staff of bribery in the port of Umm Qasr

The achievement of Basra Directorate in the Integrity Commission seized a number of the port of Umm Qasr staff in the case of financial bribery. According to a statement of the Commission received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the setting of the staff was carried out "after prosecute money from truck drivers and the Ministry of Commerce in charge of the transfer of the ration card items for citizens to meet stroll transfer those materials from the port to all the provinces procedures."
She said the investigations department in the Commission that "the adjustment has on the basis of a court decision to achieve integrity adjusts venal red-handed in accordance with Article 307 of the Iraqi Penal Code, and based on the complaint filed by the Ministry of Trade, in coordination with the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry" .anthy