Mahmood sends projects Code judiciary laws to the House of Representatives

Baghdad - INA / The president of the Federal judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Thursday, sending the Code of Federal judiciary bills to the House legislation.

He said Mahmood in a statement: "The Iraqi news agency" received a copy of it, that "the judiciary sent a draft of the Federal High Court Act and the Supreme Judicial and law regulating judges Affairs and members of the public prosecution and the law of the prosecution and the law of judicial supervision and the law of the General Directorate of the Judiciary Council, to its legislation in accordance with the constitutional contexts ".

He added that "This came after what has been the development of these projects in a manner consistent with the requirements of the present and the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary."

BGG ~ I guess no one mentioned to Mahmoud that he can't even constitutionally introduce legislation to Parliament??