Maliki's coalition calls Abadi to keep one of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic to ratify the death sentences

Malikis Party
Shafaq News / MP of State of law coalition , Awatef Nemaa called on Thursday, Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi to keep the position of vice president (in accordance with Article 75 of the Constitution / II) to ensure the ratification of those provisions, which claimed that Masum doesn’t ratify it . Nemaa said in a statement that "the reforms initiated by Dr. Abadi should include the implementation of judicial sentences, including death sentences issued against those convicted of terrorism, as its implementation has become a popular demand." She added "Masum has not ratified the death sentences and that makes the Iraqi street confused, we hope that the President reveals the secret behind his refusal, which is the circumvention on the Constitution", warning that "the existence of Saudi -American agendas behind this case." She added that "what has made this matter more complicated is the lack of a vice president to do as Khodair al-Khwzaee has done when he approved the death sentences after former President , Jalal Talabani refused to ratify it, the existence of a vice president gives strength and immunity if Masum refused to ratify the sentences," calling Abadi to "keep the position of vice president , Nuri al-Maliki, who will not hesitate in issuing the ratification of the penalty to bring justice and victory for the bloodshed of the martyrs at the hands of murderers , terrorists and extremist groups .