Republic Keywords (Ali al-Alak) Sorry Iraq (Op Ed)
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    Republic Keywords (Ali al-Alak) Sorry Iraq (Op Ed)

    Republic Keywords Sorry Iraq (Op Ed)

    (Voice of Iraq) | will be the title of the Republic of Chalabi or Allawi or Maliki or Najafi Shaykhli or Samarrai, or even if al-Sistani that the sons of one family had occupied a high and important positions as assumed by the brothers of the day Keywords family and related to the financial situation, political and economic of Iraq was the situation as we see it today from deterioration in particular, and they are them held these positions who are not specialists out and the issue here is not prejudice Resume character of this or that as far as the interest of the people and the nation shed blood, every second and homeland heading for unknown catastrophic leaps and bounds in the time that Iraq has the world Iraqi competencies in several areas, like others that we thought would use Abadi, Iraq remains even named the Republic of Iraq and Republic Keywords not.

    Why Keywords and Why Iraq? Why is it reap? Come with me, dear reader, to see Keywords is the title of an Iraqi family controls two from one family, brothers and a cousin of them on the financial situation and the economic and political for Iraq and Bhddonh see them despite the lack of specialization in all positions they occupy and takes Abadi their opinion and implemented without discussion because they Avanmoh that they are the most efficient of Iraq? As for Iraq, Dear Reader is the homeland and the land and the people extends for more than five thousand years and the expertise and competencies and terms of reference are surplus to needs, but use by other countries, the political situation in Iraq is very arbitrary and Mzari and the relationship of the ruling Islamic Dawa Party to the rest of the Shiite parties or Sunni or Kurdish bad too and the reason that al-Abadi completely binding instructions leadership of the party is the one who determines the relationship Haider al-Abadi Baalik and who controls Haider al-Abadi is MP Mr. Ali Hussein Keywords and thus of putting political theory and lines deal for Ebadi is one of the Keywords. financial situation is very bad and terrifying and crisis recent dollar saw and the reason that of putting fiscal policy for Iraq is Ali Mohsen Keywords Governor of the Central Bank, which served as the general secretary of the Council of Ministers days Maliki regime At that time fateful been three of the biggest economists accuse They Shabibi and Azri and Mohammed Allawi and some of them referred to trial on charges of various and a decision was jailed but they were out of Iraq.

    Ali Mohsen Keywords not qualified scientifically and academically and professionally to this dangerous position and not a financial expert does not have the qualifications of the leadership of the monetary policy, but it puts as Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, which transferred al-Maliki of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers site to the Governor of the Central Bank in the last moments of his position as prime minister of Iraq, the appointment is unconstitutional, but the right of the owners do not have the right to others and Ali Mohsen is from the Keywords. of putting economic policy for Iraq is the Mahdi Mohsen Keywords brother, Governor of the Central Bank and currently director Haider al-Abadi Office, the Deputy Minister of former planning and works in the Ministry of Planning since the time of Saddam Hussein does not I think the Mahdi Keywords able to develop economic plans the current variables not detract from the experience, but the economic policy of a country need to be an economist known as the global economy more than knowledge of administration that are the jurisdiction of the Mahdi Keywords not necessarily be the Minister of Planning or his agent familiar with the economic situation and can develop plans to lift the economy of the rapid deterioration that as awful and miserable economic situation of Iraq indicates that there is confusion in economic policy, which does not help to revive the economy and bail him out of the tragedy.

    It is therefore puts economic policy for Iraq is the Mahdi Mohsen Keywords brother Ali Mohsen Keywords bank governor permission brother puts politics Economic It is not an economic expert, another brother puts monetary policy which is not an expert financial and cousin puts the government policy which party extremist, we become front Keywords family that determine the economic and financial and political situation and the consultant of Iraq and what we see of the deterioration in fiscal policy, economic and political, we must to call the name of Iraq Republic Keywords because the Keywords are marching the country and if all local Iraqi expertise and global is not up to the amount of understanding and the ability of these brothers and who are from the same family.

    Yes, if they are not relationship and they were Hakhali or Samarrai or Ngeevi or Wawa even Ukanoa Sistani, we would have we pointed to an error address two of the father and mother and one two brothers to great responsibilities such especially as they are not experts in their field and the effects of their failure in their jobs and clear evidence of the lack of eligibility to sites that they occupy.

    But if we want to count their sons and daughters and Asaarham and their relatives who work in state institutions and centers really envy them then we can only say it's really Republic Keywords sensitive because most centers are in their hand they oversee Is reform measures will include the function of their situation and government positions? Especially that the situation explains itself and the funny one staff says with us Oh how I wish I Alaqa to you now in a great position I remembered a poem by poet popular day title Zaman entitled brother Chweiteley if Gent Tikriti problem these brothers they should count themselves are responsible for all matters of Iraq, for example, when he was Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers was receiving ambassadors and visiting countries and sponsors, literary and poetic and mathematical economic conferences in the time we have not heard that Hnam secretary-general of the Council of any ministers in the world does these things.

    And today is his brother, General Manager of Al-Abbadi Office Petraos economic commissions and charitable, social and attend an economic conference and it puts the working papers and puts plans for addressing those who are supposed to be responsible for managing the office of Prime Minister that can not be scratching his head as the popular saying goes, especially in a country like Iraq stands now, how can do all these things and take his place in the management of the office? These above activities Naftreha but is not what we see on TV and what we read in the daily newspapers. Do you see all the Iraqi competencies and owners of international experience from the scene disappeared and therefore it is imperative awarding Aalakhuh Keywords capabilities and the future of Iraq despite the lack of specialization?

    Question Sgiebna him to keep them in their posts or transferred to jobs commensurate with their experience? Viatri Is Haider al-Abadi is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, or is it the Prime Minister of the Republic of Keywords? Question Sajibana it Abadi in the coming days and that you are not optimistic because the coming difficult days unfortunately has drowned Maliki its policies reckless and today pull us Abadi hoops survivor.

    O men, the issue is not a family name or a person, but our country in which we live and Anagasa it is for him and also envy others on the presence of oil we have to bring great financial returns from the others envy us on Iraqi expertise and Iraqi competencies in most areas in any state that respects its people controlled all three brothers destiny? And I repeat if they were from another family story of our names in their name, but the reality says it imposes the name and address on the tragedy Abadi Is aware of the issue of the rule of the family? It will take notice reference silent and speaking to this topic?

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    Re: Republic Keywords (Ali al-Alak) Sorry Iraq (Op Ed)

    YES, HE ACTUALY ACKNOWLEDGES STEPPING DOWN, IN THE ARTICLE TO ME!...He knows he being replaced when he says sorry ! why has not anyone in dinar studies actually talked about this i have no idea why! Maybe they just dont understand the Article .He says he lacks exsperience as well !

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