170 staff work to prove as a contract to permanent owners

Honest and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Shia'a Sudan, on the orders of installing 170 temporary contract employees in the care of people with special needs on the permanent staffing. According to a statement of the Ministry, on Thursday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Sudanese "approved the installation of workers in the care of people with special needs orders, on the permanent staffing, totaling 170 employees, after providing them with grades in the circle," explaining that "a large number of them went to work as a temporary holding more than five years." "The administrative and financial department in the ministry issued the orders after installation approved by the minister, and included calculating the duration of the previous contract for the purposes of the premium, promotion and retirement." The statement said that "the department addressed the relevant authorities to document the school for contractors to ensure the validity of issue."
He noted that "the Sudanese minister face install all workers in the ministry as a temporary contract if the grades provide within the allocations established for each district," noting that "the appointments that were issued to employees in contracts in the Department of Special Needs came after the availability of grades in the department and that all personnel contracts Interim Force in all circles will be proofed not on the stairs, "