Dhi Qar create 35 thousand a piece of land to be distributed to journalists and the martyrs of the crowd and security forces

Announced that the local government of Dhi Qar province, creating 35 thousand a piece of land to be distributed to journalists and the martyrs of the popular crowd and security forces, noting its intention to contract with the investment companies to create complexes and neighborhoods. A statement of the province, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, for the governor Yahia Nasseri, was quoted as saying during a meeting with Vice President of the Journalists' Syndicate in Dhi Qar Amer Abdul Razzaq, that "the administration of the province completed the sort of new meal of plots of land and direct the process of distribution scheduled During the next few days and all social strata covered by the distribution. " "The new meal of the land plots will include all slides covered distribution, especially slice martyrs of the popular crowd, armed forces and security forces, political prisoners and other slides."
He pointed out that the Nazarene "conservative management adopted suitable for the inclusion of other social sectors and segments of the employees of the trade unions plan housing mechanism", stressing that "the allocation of tracts of land to be distributed to the said slides in coordination with teachers, engineers and other professional associations and unions." "The province and the departments concerned management has worked in recent months to create 35 000 piece of residential land to provide adequate housing for citizens and the staff of employees of the trade unions," pointing out that "the administration of the province in the process of contracting with investment companies to set up parks, residential quarters in coordination with teachers, engineers and trade unions Other professional ".
He Nazareth that "maintaining working on a legislation of the provincial council for the purpose of the inclusion of other segments to allocate pieces of land," explaining that "previous guidance from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers was provided to stop distribution in city centers and Nasiriyah city center was covered by these guidelines and this is what calls new legislation gives local government more exceptions to the coverage of the social strata. "
The head of the province of Dhi Qar, announced on the sixth of August current, the current month will see the second meal of the plots of land were distributed to journalists in the province.
He announced during a meeting with a delegation from the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Dhi Qar branch for "slice exception journalists from paragraph hometown by the Council of Ministers' decision, but that the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works recently published a book spends receipt of journalists to cut the territory in accordance with the hometown," adding that "the Council will address The ministry for the purpose of work the previous instructions, "pointing out that" previous instruction supports the receipt of journalists to cut land except paragraph hometown ".