Immediate appeal is very important and very urgent .. .. in case the news of the escape of the criminal Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to Iran confirmation!?

There are conflicting reports about the flight of the first required the Iraqi people, and that is called Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to Tehran.

From here go this instant appeal and very important and very urgent ... to all the Iraqi people Rebel and Almentvd especially in the center and south and Almstnfr ... in case been confirmed this news .. and that he actually managed to Nuri Kamal escape from justice and settled in Iran, it should be on the people of Iraq tomorrow morning and before Friday solutions, to declare a state of peaceful civil disobedience immediately, and that encircles the Iranian embassy in Baghdad and all representations and Iranian consulates in all provinces and arrested all of them, or the occupation of the embassy and consulates and representations fully and detention Ambassador and all workers and staff until the re-delivery Rat fugitive Nuri Kamal al-Maliki and those with him to Iraq immediately, in order imprisoned in preparation for trial and held accountable for all the crimes committed by he and his ilk since 1980 To this day, exactly as the Iranian people and students Iranians did in 1979, when they stormed the US embassy and took the ambassador and staff hostage have until the achievement of the revolutionary demands, as well as to demonstrate in front of the Finnish Embassy and other foreign embassies and claim state Finland and EU countries to re-Maliki's son "Ahmed" immediately , and not to grant political asylum.

I hope the publication and dissemination of this appeal immediately to support our brothers and Almtzaherbn rebels in these difficult and exceptional circumstances, the situation and the difficult stage of labor and who is going through Iraqna stricken.