Al-Maliki from the Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq to the stalker be prosecuted
Published 13 August 2015-04:21 GMT

A team of lawyers in London, Baghdad, move the new lawsuits right Vice President and former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, on charges of war crimes, and theft of public money and treason following causing loss of over a third of Iraq to organize "daash".

According to the lawyer, Ahmad Abdel Razak, 13 old suit, moved today in the Rusafa Criminal Court of Al-Karkh Court initially, was negligent over the presence of Al-Maliki in power, have been sued in a court in London charged with sectarian cleansing crimes and human rights violations in the country.

Abdul Razak said in an interview for "the new Arab" the Supreme Judicial Council recognizes cases for consideration and decision by accepting and called Al-Maliki as a defendant.

For his part, said Ahmed Al-Obeidi, Secretary-General of the Iraqi movement "a transaction support to recent demonstrations in the country, in an interview for" the new "Arab" Al-Abbadi issued clear decisions to accept any complaint against any officer was, and I think that Al-Maliki would take the courts did not escape outside Iraq not only Syria or Iran. "

He drew Al-Obeidi, "according to the evidence, that Al-Maliki was involved with implementation of the sectarian and ethnic cleansing operations and steal the property of Iraqis and the confiscation of their money and embezzling public money and use explosive barrels and causing more than a third of Iraq but" daash "terrorist", adding: "we raised three cases at the ICJ against Maliki, chiefly the genocide against well-known communities and causing a great rift in the social fabric of Iraq and Iran interests over the interests of Iraq, notably the common field border Tehran delivered without legal cover or revision by Parliament."

The lawsuit filed in London after hours of Parliament vote on Maliki's dismissal.

Meanwhile, the legal expert, muhannad Al-kinani, said in an interview with "new" to the prosecution of Al-Maliki cannot on without investigation and prove negligence, if it would be referred to the courts, arguing that investigations conducted by the Parliament with the connector no longer legal events purely for being designed to inform Parliament on the prelude to refer the matter to the judiciary, adding that Al-Maliki to court has become accessible after being sacked from the post of Vice President.

The European Assembly also called for the freedom of Iraq "Eva" provision of Nouri al-Maliki to trial for humanitarian crimes and acts of torture, murder and corruption.

He said the Organization's President, Astron Stephenson, in a press statement that "the European Association for the freedom of Iraq welcomes the plan Abadi, composed of seven articles aimed at reforms in Iraq, stressing that reforms need to add some points, Maliki's trial for crimes against humanity, torture and murder and corruption, early elections and fair under United Nations control and expel Iran from all regions of Iraq."