"Google Earth" to help the Kurds of Syria and the international coalition in the war Daash

Twilight News / Press Rrukemna Kalimaja who works for the New York Times in a report said that the tablet operating system Android with "Google Earth" are used by Kurdish fighters in Syria to find a war lines and know the distances that separate them from the areas that are targeted by International airline alliance.

Kalimaja talked about how to use the map that yellow lines show the whereabouts of fighters with red lines showing the areas controlled by militants Daash, indicating that these maps be a good Aoma Kurdish fighters and US forces in many respects.

With the help of Google up letters to military officials in operating rooms and show the red lines that the Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units are threatened by Daash, and delivers the operating room official Information fighters Kurds to find places to hide, and when assured of the safety of everyone in the yellow lines, then the coalition forces led by the US United Bgaradtha air on Daash sites.

As it stated in the report that the raids by coalition aircraft in areas KobanÓ Tel White and Hasaka has with the help of "Google Earth".