State law "threatens Al-Abbadi. "Political coup" If Maliki dismissed officially 8/13
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Thread: State law "threatens Al-Abbadi. "Political coup" If Maliki dismissed officially 8/13

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    State law "threatens Al-Abbadi. "Political coup" If Maliki dismissed officially 8/13

    State law "threatening" Al-Abbadi. "Political coup" If Maliki was dismissed from his post officially!

    The Deputy called the State of law Coalition emotions grace Thursday Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to retain the post of Vice-President of the Republic (in accordance with article 75 of the Constitution/II) to ensure authentication on those provisions which claimed that not infallible.

    Grace said in a statement reported by the Office that "the reforms initiated by Dr Abadi must include the implementation of judicial decisions, including the death sentences issued against those convicted of terrorism as its Pat popularly requirement."

    "No authenticate infallible death sentences to make the Iraqi Street is confused, and hopefully the President reveals the secret behind its abstention which is circumventing the Constitution, warning of" a Saudi American agendas behind this case. "

    The "Abbadi affect infallible to ratify death sentences, so we will need to keep Mr. Maliki in Office, warned of" a political coup by the State law on Abadi if not implemented their demands. "

    And indicated that "further complication is the absence of a Vice President to do as it did when Sadiq al-khuzai khudhair on executions after former President Jalal Talabani refused to ratify, a Vice President of the Republic gives strength and immunity to be infallible on abandoned ratification provisions", Abbadi advocate "keep Vice President Nouri al-Maliki who has authentication will not hesitate to heathen death for Justice and victory of the blood of the martyrs that spilled at the hands of assassins and terrorists infidels." n%3Dview%26id%3D7256
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