Researcher: Central and loans reforms CFS will kick economy

8/13/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi

Stressed economic researcher Maha Ihsan thanks to synchronize campaign reforms with the central bank's actions in firing loan specialist for banks would promote the country's economy and enhance investment opportunities and allow the private sector to take active role in the construction and development process.

She thanked in an interview "morning" that these reforms comes in implementation of the government program that a large part of its paragraphs stressed the advancement of economic reality and support the private sector, which accommodates the largest number of manpower in its projects Almtnoah.orot that reforms campaign would contribute to supporting the private sector legislation of laws where it will be able Young people who suffer unemployment through labor legislation law, which it is hoped to attract reduce the wage gap between workers in the public sector and the private sector, pointing out that the obvious difference between the wages of workers in these sectors is the most prominent reasons tendency of young people to the appointment in government institutions even if functions far from allocate their advanced degrees as well as retirement and presence, which is the guarantee of a future for their families.

She economic researcher to the role of the loans and its importance in the advancement of economic reality through its contribution to the financing of projects, especially housing ones being attracted acts variety Kalhaddadh, carpentry and electricity as well as the experiences of Bannaian.okan Central Bank had announced earlier adopted a series of measures that would promote the economy of Iraq represent one of them by firing late last June allocated amount trillion dinars to the private banks directed to finance small and medium projects forged by the citizens initiative and select a maximum per loan amount of fifty million dinars. The second consisted launched a few days ago to program the industrial sector banks, finance, agriculture, real estate by offering five trillion dinars employs in development projects designed to expand the productive base of the country.

She stressed the researcher the importance of expediting the legislation of economic laws to Ataatqata with the laws in force or consolidated in line with the stage through Iraq out of economic openness and market economy after entering liberates a large proportion of the totalitarian economy, which is disproportionate Pat with the new Iraqi reality.