Council adopts transparency Baghdad in the province's budget

8/13/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
Description Dean Iraqi Institute for Economic Kamal Basri Baghdad Provincial Council decision to adopt transparency in the preparation and implementation of the province's budget decision official at the economic situation of the country for reform, being in sync with the orientations of the government towards decentralized management returned him quality Banaklh at the level of the Arab region and the Middle East.

Basri said in an exclusive interview with «morning»: The decision needs to be spending units supervised by the provincial council to apply transparency in all practices relating to the preparation and implementation of the budget, and so it represents a pioneering case in light of the economic and political conditions that has plagued Iraq commendable calling provinces other do the same.

He said, what was the purpose of initiating the application of decentralized management governorates aims to deepen democratic practices and raise local government performance indicators. It must adopt requirements for success where transparency is at the forefront of these supplies where analytical studies that because of the weakness of the government's performance, the transparency and the rule of law in Iraq for low indicators of other countries show, but how will these indicators after the initiation of decentralization? The truth is that the popularity of decentralization without work to adopt the requirements for success (which include transparency) is to initiate irresponsible.

Optic and reiterated the importance of the adoption of the democratization of the vocabulary of good governance such as transparency and the rule of law and efficiency, participation and responsibility, where transparency is the most important single of the vocabulary of judgment values Rational, which is a crucial factor to distinguish between the level of Ttorat, has political studies have shown that the disparity in economic well-being between regions or territories in Mexico dates back to the disparity in the application of the vocabulary of good governance.

Then the optical returned to say: The budget the most responsible for the implementation of vital projects and monitor governmental tool performance, and developed and implemented transparently enhances data of good governance in general, and in the absence of transparency, the government official finds himself in front of a large area for the disposal of public money a manner that is efficient and therefore may serve the purposes of non-objective.

Optic and pointed out that the previous years revealed financial practices have nothing to do economic Bstratejah but some were missing the economic feasibility of both of which leads to a waste of public money, and because of the lack of transparency to regulators and the citizens and civil society organizations can not respond efficiently to such visual Almmarsat.oray that the presence of transparency requires the announcement of the Federal government institutions or local for strategic annual spending and feasibility Economic and size of allocations for projects with an indication of the mechanism of calculating the overall revenues with quarterly spending details, these details make the administrator on the one hand more committed to the planned programs have protected him from the second hand of allegations malicious.

He recalled the decision Law of financial management and public debt No. 95 of 2004 on the application of standards International transparency in the preparation and implementation of the budget (and confirmation that it has noted the law of this fact more than three times), but there is a lack of commitment by the Ministry of Finance (which is the most important federal ministries) to the theme of transparency, let alone local institutions Kalmhafezat?

turnout on decentralization without taking into account accessories does not encourage optimism the future of the practice, and that overkill Iraqi government democratic practices and alienate the application of values ​​leads to say: that Iraq «has received a formal democracy, but lost the rule of law».

optic and concluded that this decision would be a real breakthrough in the way of economic reforms announced by the Majaramakda government need to adopt the principle of transparency in the public and local budgets alike.