General amnesty law .. long-awaited by discounting the political pressure

August 12, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) is a general amnesty law among the most important laws that disrupted during the previous sessions, and this is due to the presence of clear differences between the political blocs on the law.

Parliamentary Legal Committee has confirmed its intention to present its session on the legislation soon law, where the law put on the table under the auspices of the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, while the Legal Committee hosted the Bar Association and the Union of Jurists and civil society organizations to express their views on the law.

He says House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri "I will not get to the national reconciliation across the bridge, but the general amnesty, which would pave the way for the integration of all historic settlement initiative.

And between the hearing in his talk show to discuss the draft of the amnesty law today, which was attended by a reporter Center Brief, "the question remains open and clear of the need to pardon? Are they not those who were involved or Rtoa and imagine they were not mistaken or have sinned and gone and stranded to return, Vtmedua mistake or have been prejudiced imagine a moment of recklessness and madness that they are able to restore their rights themselves or of claiming to be defending the rights of sects or religions or their money, or Satan managed to make them for them he will lead them for the favor, and signed in the outlawed and committed an act that his guilt and his wife Shara law and custom and morality? ".

He explained that "all of those if they have the intention to return to class society we need to provide the mechanism to translate them into reality, to come back to life and give them the opportunity to correct the course of their lives," noting that "the historical circumstances and arthropod is that require thinking form of a general amnesty for valid environment industry After a complicated stage of the history of nations and peoples and did an exceptional and unnatural not be resorted to in the habit, only to be smooth to what is most important. "

Jubouri said that "the philosophy of a general amnesty is not deliberate overtaking and lump on the rights of those affected, but is the will to move beyond the stage of a new industry and prevents the passive stage of foreclosure and overcome Serna towards the achievement of national reconciliation."

He added, "We can not in any way to put the oppressed and affected victims because of mistakes investigative and judicial negligence in the investigation and detention pending investigation, and we have to put those within the general amnesty circle," noting that "Ansafna them is but a step between steps to compensate for the damage caused because of those mistakes and their interpretations. "

Jubouri and pointed out that "amnesty means forgiveness, tolerance and ignoring the waiver of the right to a necessary and self-control of Aladgan and open a new page with forgiven him and waive all obligations and bring down the punishment, intended year any inclusion and assimilation and not the exception, briefing and it boils down to for us to face the Semantic to this word go far from clarifying the concept of a general amnesty that forgiveness and tolerance fall physical and moral sanctions in a comprehensive and generally not actually excludes or people who meant it. "

He stressed that "the law is not far behind for campaign reform, which coincided government and parliament to initiate it, and was its first steps yesterday passage of government and parliamentary papers reform, which should be continued and increasing", calling on the authorities concerned to "interact with this Basalahih project fit with this stage and it shall be adopted on an urgent basis in the context of comprehensive reform to achieve comprehensive legal reconciliation. "

Cabinet voted during its meeting held in the sixteenth of last month, a draft of the amnesty law and decided to transmit it to the House of Representatives.

For his part, confirms the Chairman of the Legal Committee Mahmoud Hassan's (IMN) "The general amnesty law is based on two pillars, namely exception terrorist crimes absolutely, and exclude all financial and administrative corruption and embezzlement crimes or the involvement of public money, and otherwise no doors amnesty on condition of prejudice to your right. "

He explained that "the general amnesty law is part of the government program when a vote of confidence for the government," pointing out that "the law includes many of the key issues that need to be reviewed so we hope to contribute to enactment of the law to solve the outstanding problems."

The House of Representatives ended on the fifth of July the first reading of the general amnesty law.

For his part, President of the Federation of Iraqi Jurists says Ali Al-Shammari's (IMN) that "the law does not meet the miserable ambition, political blocs are trying to take out her slides belonging without regard to the innocent and malicious lawsuits."

Shammari and that "the draft general amnesty law is a very miserable project and not the level of ambition does not include only a small group, and smell the scent of the political blocs to bring out the slides which they belong and want to buyout the law," explaining, "We need to legal action in accordance with the origins of the law of the trials of the judiciary."

He pointed to "the existence of violations committed against the accused and not to allow agent accused monitored or attendance with him in the investigation or access to his papers, and the law needs a lot of amendment," calling on the House of Representatives and the government to "a bold step to amend the law and vote on it."

He stressed the need to "keep pace with the law reforms proposed by the government and the parliament", pointing out that the measures taken investigative old and is sound and should be put an end to it. "

The Shammari "We have written comments to the Legal Committee, the most important exception terrorist crimes and stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis."

Legal Committee and confirmed earlier, that the amnesty law will see the light soon, to be conditional and does not include leaders and terrorist elements stained their hands the blood of Iraqis, as well as the failure to extend the murder only after payment of blood money for those with the victim and giving up the lawsuit and not to release convicted of adultery.