Iraqi politicians have no where to flee to 8/12
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Thread: Iraqi politicians have no where to flee to 8/12

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    Iraqi politicians have no where to flee to 8/12

    Iraqi politicians have no where to flee to

    Could it be that the time has come to see honest governing in Iraq? Is it possible for prime minister Al-Abadi to succeed in rooting out the corrupt and set Iraq on the path of true prosperity and honest work? It would sure seem that way from the recent news that we are reading about what is going on in Iraq nowadays.

    The timing of Al-Abaids move seems a little suspect! I say that because who would ever imagine that Al-Abadi can not only dismiss/remove Nouri Al-Maliki, one of his deputies, but prevent him from fleeing the country last night, according to Al-Baghdadia news station? Such move is extremely dangerous unless Mr. Al-Abadi has some sort of “support” from the US. I truly believe that the US had enough of corruption and mismanagement in Iraq and decided to make a move to help Iraq.

    Furthermore, president Obama has recently sent some “advisors” to Iraq and I think that those advisors are helping Al-Abadi ensuring that he succeeds and does not face any obstacles, especially from Al-Maliki and his gang. I am certain many other Iraqi politicians will attempt to flee Iraq soon, but they will not succeed.

    What is so interesting about Al-Maliki’s attempt to fell Iraq last night is that the private jet that has come to rescue Al-Maliki originated from Syria and their final destination was Syria as well. It seems a little odd that Al-Maliki has chosen Syria, a country that has been in civil war for more than three years, to flee to and not Iran where he had very close and cordial relationship with for many years. I think Al-Maliki now knows Iran is not a country that will shelter/protect him, or other Iraqi corrupt politicians, since the US and Iran are on the path of mending their differences/relationship and Iran will not take a chance of harboring a fugitive like Al-Maliki.

    If Syria is the preferred, and most likely the only country, that Iraqi politicians are looking to run to, then it is safe to say that these Iraqi politicians have no where to hide. Justice will prevail and these corrupt thieves have no place to run to as I am sure that the Iraqi courts, and angry citizens, are looking forward to prosecute them.

    If Mr. Al-Abadi’s move does indeed succeed, then I can only see great potential and future for Iraq. What I mean is that Iraq will indeed attract real foreign investment on the near future because foreign companies will be at ease doing business with honest government.

    Not only Al-Abadi is sacking the corrupt, but he is also removing the unqualified personnel and replacing them with qualified and educated individuals that understand how to govern and do honest business. The Iraqi government has lost many opportunities to prosper (Iraqi oil revenue alone was more than $800 Billion in the past ten years) and improve the lives of their citizens due to the wide spread corruption, Iraqis are living under utter miserable conditions. I hope we are now witnessing a new Iraq where the government works for their citizens and not against them. Enough is enough!
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