Parliament Speaker: national reconciliation will not be finalized until a general amnesty across the bridge

By Mohammed Emad

half past twelve 12/08/2015

Brother - Baghdad
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri that "we will not get to the national reconciliation across the bridge, but the general amnesty, which would pave the way for the integration of all historic settlement initiative."

He said in his speech, hearing talk of the Legal Committee in Parliament to discuss the draft of the amnesty law today, "We meet today to working up an important step in the correct Almasaruaslah in order to initiate the historical road map .. In order to get out of the chronic crisis and the development of realistic and bold for all our problems accumulated solutions including project problem General Amnesty Law. ".

He Jubouri that "access to the desired goal of reconciliation are not taken at all, but through the arch of the amnesty, which paves the way for the integration of all historic settlement initiative, otherwise the question remains open and clear of the need to pardon? Are not they those who were involved or Rtoa and imagine that they did not Akhtaua or sinned and gone and cut off stranded to return Vtmedua by mistake or have been prejudiced imagine a moment of recklessness and madness that they are able to restore their rights themselves or of claiming defend the rights of their people or their sects or religions or their money or from them the devil for just that it will lead them for the favor and signed in the outlawed and committed an act that his guilt law and his wife Shara and custom and morality? ".

He said that "all those available if the intention of them to return to class society we need to Novralalah to strengthen the mechanism and translate them into reality to come back to life and give them the opportunity to correct the course of their lives." Noting that "the historical circumstances and are articulated that require thinking to the general amnesty formula for a good environment industry after a complicated stage of the history of nations and peoples and did an exceptional and unnatural to him Ilja usually only be paved to what is most important."

Jubouri and noted that "it is well known accordingly and with reason and law that Aldharralcbr pay Baldharrasgr and less Acharran rule creative work for the treatment of painful and painful history of peoples and nations stations and the homeland," explaining that "the philosophy of the amnesty is not a deliberate overtaking and lump on the rights of those affected, but is the will to overcome the stage and industry a new phase and prevents passive and obstruction of bypassed Serna towards achievement of national reconciliation. ".

He continued, "We can not in any way to put the oppressed and affected victims because of mistakes investigative and judicial Altgosairvi investigation and detention pending investigation and we have to put those within the general amnesty circle Vansafna them is only a step between steps to compensate them for Aldharralve suffered as a result of those mistakes, interpretations, and the first of these steps to try cause of the occurrence of Aldharralehm for Agherarqanon spend to compensate them financially and morally rewarding legal considerations but it certainly will not be rewarding, which signed them Dharrvi loss of years or months of age without the right. ".

And between Jubouri that "a general amnesty and translated Valafo mean forgiveness, tolerance and ignoring the waiver of the right to a necessary and self-control of Aladgan and open a new page with forgiven him and waive all obligations and dropping punishment .oiqsd year any coverage and absorption and not the exception, briefing and thus boils down to for us to face the semantic of these away from the word go clarify the concept of a general amnesty that forgiveness and tolerance fall physical and moral sanctions in a comprehensive manner and in actually Esttna or a person who meant it. "

He asked al-Jubouri, the basis of this concept, "Do we have the full readiness to embrace this concept put to denote described by the truth? Do we have the ability to Anvad legislation to accommodate this face of the intent? How can we get to the transfer of the term of linguistic significance to the legal significance actually reflected on the intended? ".

He stressed that "the law of Aeptad much about campaign reform that the government and parliament have agreed to initiate them and it was the first yesterday steps adoption papers governmental and parliamentary reform, which should continue and increase," calling in this sense "stakeholders that interact with this project on the face of a new reformist fit with this Stage and be approved in a hurry in the context of comprehensive reform to achieve comprehensive legal reconciliation "and wished the participants of the study provide us out of the bottleneck for the project that tarry a lot."