Abadi warns of "exploitation" Some of the demonstrations and confirms: there are those who defend (Daash)

Author: BS, HA, MJM
Editor: BS, HA

12/8/2015 11:51 a.m.

Long-Presse / Baghdad
He warned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, from "exploitation" Some of the demonstrations, and stressed the need to hit the spoilers, and as he emphasized that the reform process will not be "easy," accused persons to defend (Daash).

Ebadi said in a speech at the celebration of World Youth Day, which was held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), said that "the march of the fight against corruption will not be easy and the corrupt will not sit down, but some of them will fight", stressing that the government "needs tough decisions and we will take for the benefit of country. "

Abadi said that "on the demonstrators not to allow the exploitation of their demonstrations, and some want to raise the offense loose slogans," pointing out that "some people are not satisfied with the performance of parliament and I am of them, but the law does not allow me resolved."

Abadi and pointed out that "the political system in which bad aspects must be fought, and will not defend invalid or corrupt and will not never mean no one," stressing "the need to strike with an iron fist corrupt and prevent them and the reform process moving them strongly."

Abadi pointed out that "the fight against corruption does not need a constitution, and there are a lot of mistakes in the past and must be corrected," pointing to "the need not to forget the young fighters, I felt ashamed when they asked me to allocate funds for the drilling of drinking water wells."

Abadi expressed "regret some of the defense of the organization (Daash), because they believe that he will defend them."